5 Proven Social Media Tactics To Engage Viewers On Social Media

Have you noticed the amount of content floating on the internet today? And that too on all social media platforms. One may say that despite the numbers, the consumers of online creative content is no less. True, but with the speed at which most people scroll on their social media feed these days, it has become exceedingly difficult to catch even the attention of viewers, let alone engaging them.

social media tactics

 All thanks to the shorter modern attention span. However, like every lock comes with a key, this problem too has a solution. Because how else there would be brands making growth and profit despite the content flood and overwhelming competition. Here are five super amazing and yet easy tactics brands use as their winning strike:

  • Clarify the purpose

One of the biggest problems that companies face with consumers today is the instant dismissal due to an assumption. While wrong assumptions can be a problem, clarifying the purpose of your content proves to be a solution for this. So instead of creating an introduction and building up for your audience, mention the core message of the story either at the beginning or in the caption. The brief statement makes many people interested in the subject stop and wait for the details. TapNBuzz recommends this trick, especially when preparing a strategy of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses.

  • Answer a question

The cover of your video or the photo of the post is the main highlight of your content. It is what makes or breaks your content. Asking a question indicating that the answer is in the video or caption makes people interested in the answer stop scrolling. It is one of the social media tactics used by the famous business personality and speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • Optimize the resolution and orientation of your post.

Many professionals miss the importance of content quality, not in terms of the story or message but technicality. Even a great video content or story cannot reach the audience and get the due respect because of a few commonly made mistakes. How often have you seen people scrolling on their phones horizontally? Nobody does it unless they are watching a movie. You cannot expect consumers to turn their phones for 20 seconds to understand your content, can you? One of the smartest Social Media tactics is to reach consumers at the first go itself with the perfect picture resolution for various screen sizes and vertical orientation.

  • Do not depend on sound.

So while it is amazing to make videos with sound, but it remains a risk. You may think what is wrong with the sound when social media live sessions are getting so popular. Besides live, not many people have their sounds turned on, and most people don’t try putting it on either because of the location they might be in. One of the winning social media tactics is to use captions for your with sound videos. It reaches out to people with or without the sound ON, making sure to send your message.

  • Make the audience interact.

Thanks to the advancing world of social media platforms, every new update comes with a feature that helps brands increase interaction with their consumers. With different types of polls and question answers features adopted by Facebook and Instagram stories, making interactive content has become easy. Public interaction is something that you need to remember while planning social media marketing for Small Businesses. Because engagement is what gives the algorithm the much-needed boost in exposure.

One of the secret social media tactics is to keep an eye on the new updates. Studies show new content using the latest features gets more extensive engagement in the initial days than the classic style content because of the excitement surrounding them. Using the buzz can prove to be a master trick for your Social Media Marketing for Small Business plan.