How To Design A Logo From Scratch For Your Business

Logo designing is an important business task that has to be taken care of at some point in time, even if not initially. Some people compare the importance of a logo with the name. But what they fail to understand is that both the logo and the brand’s name are like two parts of a puzzle. Both together make a brand recognizable and what’s more is that a survey shows consumers perceiving a brand from its logo. Big brands in most industries have worked on their branding and packaging to excel in aesthetics.

The trend became so common that now people judge the quality of a brand with its visual branding. The very reason why logo designing, packaging, and banner design services are given so much importance in the business world today. Naturally, the need to create an outstanding logo for your brand becomes necessary. 


Steps To Make An Impactful Logo For Your Brand:


Marketing today is very personal, and based on storytelling, which is why the best place to start your design is your story. Write your brand story, the inception, the thought, the journey, the goals, basically your mind on a piece of paper. Once you write your story, create an outline of the story making it short.


Word Listing

The next step is to take out words from the outline that strongly resonates with your brand identity. It could be emotions, features, specialty, anything. A reputed graphic design company in Delhi NCR would shorten the long list of words by further refining.



Now is the time to sketch. You have one constant word, which is the name of the brand. But you also have a list of words that speak for your brand on a deeper level. Take a word from the list and create a design for the brand name based on the word that describes the story. Experiment with different words from the list for varied inspiration and designs.



Select the top three and then run a test of the selected designs with your circle for their response and feedback. Try noting response from someone who resonates with your buyer persona to finalize on a logo design.


Digitize & Refine

Designing a logo is not a drawing paper task. Tap N Buzz, a graphic design company in Faridabad, further refines the design and digitizes it for high-quality printing. A professional graphic design company in Delhi NCR creates a logo that looks good on the smallest of advertisements and products to the largest billboards. The size of the logo should change the brand image.


Color & Font

The next step of logo designing that a graphic design company in Faridabad takes is to select a suitable color palette & font for your brand based on the brand personality. 

While there are not many steps required in the logo or banner design services, a graphic design company in Delhi NCR makes you realize the planning is more than sketching. It is why only experts at places like Tap N Buzz, a graphic design company in Faridabad, should be trusted with the task. Not everyone understands and can create logos with the potential to transform the consumers’ outlook towards the brand.