How To Make A Swipe-Up Instagram Stories?

Life was good before, but it became better with Instagram for many people. While youngsters were known to have a dominating presence on Snapchat earlier, they happily shifted to Instagram after its inception in 2010. And although the stylish feature updates made the platform undergo a massive change in userbase, purpose, and quality, the number of users boosted after it went to Facebook.

 With over a billion monthly active users and a variety of content in the photo and video form, Instagram has become a favorite for running social media ads for businesses. The potential of the platform for social media marketing has led to the emergence of various Instagram marketing agency. But the lack of adding a link on posts makes it difficult for businesses to promote their website until they know how to do it. 


Swipe-Up Insta Stories

Heavy insta users know it well that besides adding a link to the bio, swipe-up stories can help you lead your audience to your website. But the question is how to do it? While one way is to take help from an Instagram marketing agency such as Tap N Buzz for better engagement, the other is to follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1- Open up your Insta account, of course, on your mobile phone, and hit your face on the top left of the screen in the line of stories.


Step 2- It opens up the camera by default. You can click a new photo and add filters or click on the photo section at the bottom left of the screen. It would lead you to your gallery and, more specifically, all photos. Select the desired picture and edit it according to your likes. Alternatively, you can use one of the many image editors available on app stores to design your Insts stories and save them on your phone before making the story.


Step 3- The next step requires you to click on the link button from the top of the story screen. You will find the link logo right next to or rather left next to the stickers button.


Step 4- After clicking on the logo, another page opens up, asking for the link. You can type it down on the given space or paste it.


Step 5- To be sure, click on the preview to check that the link address is correct and lead to the desired page.


Step 6- After confirming, select Done from the top right of the screen.


Step 7- You will be lead back to the story screen with a see more and arrow indicating swipe up at the bottom of the story.


Step 8- A top Instagram marketing agency recommends users to add text or Swipe-up stickers to encourage viewers to swipe up and make it prominent.


Step 9- Finally, hit the arrow to send the story and publish it on Instagram. You may be asked to post the same on Facebook story as well, depending on your settings.


Step 10- You can convert your swipe up Insta stories into social media ads as well by hitting the promote logo on your story.


While making Insta stories is easy, it is a special feature not available to everyone. There are requirements for the feature, which is why not everyone gets to add links to their stories. It is basically two, one, your Insta account should be a business account, and two, it should have a minimum of ten thousand followers. The moment you cross the benchmark, your business account will get the add link feature added to the story section. Simple and sweet, just like Instagram.