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Website Designing & Development

Best websites are not those that look pretty on eyes but those with higher conversion rates. And conversion doesn’t depend on the look alone. It’s the balance between visual elements, information, and functionalities based on user behavior that creates amazing user experience on the user interface.

Recently, due to the emergence of quite a few digital agencies, terms like website design company and web development company have started being used interchangeably. It has caused a wrong notion amongst people that  Website Designing & Development are the same things.

A website design company is responsible for the aesthetics of a website that involves designing the UI/UX of the website as well. A web development company, on the other hand, brings life to the design that makes the website work. Thus, both of these things being equally important for the creation of a website require different skill sets.

With Tap N Buzz, you get a team of the best and the most experienced programmers and designers who work together to design & develop a website that performs at its optimum level for your needs.